What You Need To Know About Men’s Health This Movember

What you need to know about men's health

Every year when Movember rolls around, you’re bound to see countless people sporting some brand new facial hair to help raise funds for men’s health. This year won’t be any different! But, as we reach November, it’s important to remember the heart of what this fundraiser is fighting for. So, why is supporting men’s health so important? What are some of the values this campaign fights for? How can we be supporting ourselves and the men in our lives?

Let’s take a deep dive into why mental health care for our male population is so vitally important.

This blog outlines some of the key facts we should all know about men’s health this Movember. For personalised advice regarding your own healthcare or that of a loved one, reach out to Newbay Medical Clinic today.

Men’s Health in Australia

Suicide rates across Australia show an interesting disparity between genders. Though research shows that women tend to experience suicidal and depressive thoughts more often than men do, their rates of seeking help also rank much higher. As a result, despite being statistically less likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies, men make up the majority of suicide in Australia. In 2020 alone, there were 2,348 suicide deaths in males, as opposed to 755 in females. This begs an important question – what is it about our society that leaves so many men feeling as though they can’t reach out for help?

Social Pressure

The high rates of men struggling with their mental health compared to the low rates of those seeking help can be attributed to a variety of factors. Social pressure and the impact of ‘masculine’ social norms often seen within our country is often cited as an incredibly influential factor. ‘Masculinity’, as a concept, is complex and diverse in nature. There is, however, an attitude many young men have instilled within them that values strength, self-reliance, and other traditionally masculine traits that can hold them back from confronting certain feelings in their lives.

When held rigidly, these traits can teach an entire population that their troubles, especially with their mental health, are something shameful. In recent years, there has been more criticism coming to light of how men are taught to ‘stay strong’, and we hope to see a positive change in the coming future that encourages men to open up about whatever challenges they may be facing personally, mentally, and physically.

Signs Your Mental Wellbeing Could Benefit from Support

Struggling with your mental health can look a variety of different ways. People suffer and experience changes in their wellbeing in ways that can be entirely individual to them – ways that sometimes even those closest to them can’t pick up on. However, there are several common patterns that may be a sign your mental wellbeing could use some attention and support from an expert. These include:

  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Sudden loss of interest in things you once loved or enjoyed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, or irritability
  • Withdrawal from close family, friends, and other relationships
  • Changing reliance on alcohol and other drugs
  • Strong feelings of guilt, fear, worry, and other unfamiliar thoughts or feeling (such as paranoia)

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More often than not, the first step towards getting better is reaching out for help. At Newbay Medical Clinic, we take pride in offering mental health services and support that work for a wide array of clients. No matter your history, and no matter what hesitations you might have, our mental health experts are ready to create a care plan that suits you. Treating mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all arrangement – that’s why we take care to ensure that everything we do is catered entirely to the individuality of the patient.

This Movember, take a step in the right direction. Contact us today to let us know how we can be supporting you.



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