General Health Services

Offering all the essential medical care you need in a welcoming atmosphere.

General Practitioners Bentleigh

Imagine all your essential health care services being delivered by one convenient local provider. Newbay Medical Clinic is committed to providing this service every day. Our general healthcare services are designed to make high-quality healthcare available to as many Bayside residents and communities as possible.

general healthcare Bentleigh

general health services Bentleigh

Our General Health Services

Our general health services are built to suit all your essential medical needs. After all, what’s the point of a go-to GP if they can’t provide as many of your key health services as possible? At Newbay Medical Clinic, we have general health care on offer for the whole family, with years of experience in delivering top-quality children’s health that keeps them comfortable every step of the way. Our comprehensive services are available for both men and women. We offer all the necessary screenings and checks to make sure you feel at ease.

Connect With Your Local GP

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Care for your whole family

Our family health services make it easier than ever for your entire household to get all the care they need from one place. Parents and children both can get all the necessary medical services from one place, without having to visit multiple GPs or different practices for different situations.

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Ongoing Relationships

Having a GP that knows your history and the state of your health makes life so much simpler. At Newbay Medical Clinic, we build long-lasting relationships with our patients, all built on trust and there to support you long into the future.

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Service for All

We offer general health services for all. We are committed to providing high-quality medical services that you won’t find elsewhere, no matter what your needs. We offer health services tailored for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, LGBTQA+ people, and any other individual who may require specific care.

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The Newbay Difference

Newbay Medical Clinic offers quality care for patients. You’ll find supportive, compassionate and engaged staff members when you visit our clinic.

General Health Practitioners Bentleigh

Referrals and Integrated Care

We are willing to work with other doctors and practices to ensure that your care is of the highest quality. We can share your medical history with others and refer you to trusted providers if necessary.

General Healthcare Practitioners Bentleigh

Local Services from Experienced Professionals

You don’t have to travel a great distance to receive excellent medical care. Newbay Medical Clinic is here to offer unparalleled care to the Bentleigh community. This clinic provides Bentleigh and the Bayside area with a professional and reliable healthcare practice that can be trusted when they face the unexpected.

All your general health questions answered

Yes! We are able to administer all necessary vaccines and immunisations in a way that is comfortable for all patients, even those who don’t like needles. We can offer immunisations for any travel purpose and are always available for your regular flu vaccines as well as any COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Absolutely. We have the experience to work with all communities and can provide general medical care for all patients of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander descent. Jonathan Gillies has been a member of our team for many years and is a great addition to our team.

Yes. Newbay offers an accessible sexual health service, including contraceptive guidance and consultation as well as checks-ups.

We have extensive experience in providing health services that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the LGBTQA+ community.

We provide basic medical care, including routine health checks and questions for children. We can also offer wound care to help manage an injury and safely heal to avoid infection.

Newbay Medical Clinic provides a wide variety of general healthcare services for all our clients. This includes family health, vaccinations/immunisations, sexual health, children and adolescent health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, LGBTQA+ services, and more. We also provide specific services such as iron infusions and skin procedures.

Routine check-ups for children are important to ensure they are developing properly and to catch any potential problems early. It is generally recommended that children have a check-up at least once a year.

Why Choose Newbay Medical Clinic?


High Quality Staff

Newbay Medical’s team is highly experienced and can provide outstanding medical care. Our staff are compassionate, professional, friendly, and love to provide the highest quality of medical services you can find.



Newbay Medical Clinic believes high-quality medical care should always be available. We take great pride in providing the highest quality service at reasonable prices. We value great care without compromising your wallet.



At Newbay Medical Clinic, everything runs smoothly here. All our services are delivered quickly from start to finish. This makes it easy to book and attend your appointment without waiting around for your time.

Book Your Appointment Today

The Newbay team can provide you with quality general health care for your whole family. All our services are driven by a desire to make the ‘doctor’s visit’ experience as relaxing, welcoming, and supportive as possible for every single patient that walks through our doors, no matter their age or background. Call us today to discuss the service you need and we will book you in as soon possible.