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Newbay Medical Clinic prides itself in offering top-quality, reliable health services to all women who walk through our doors. Our clinicians accompany patients throughout their entire health journey: there for every screening, question, and check-up needed as you progress through various stages of your life.

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About Our Women's Health Services

Womens Health Services Gardenvale

There are three important cancer screening programs that Australia recommends for women’s health: breast cancer screenings, cervical screening (pap smears), and bowel screenings.

Newbay Medical Clinic has doctors who are available to assist you with any screenings. They also create a safe and welcoming environment that will make you feel comfortable throughout the process. These screening programs have saved countless Australians from cancer, and are essential to your ongoing health. Ask your doctor if you have taken all of these preventative steps at your next appointment.

Our female patients also have access to comprehensive contraceptive services. We can assist you in choosing the right contraceptive methods for you.

Womens Health Services

About Our Women’s Health Services

In Australia, there are three recommended cancer screening programs vital to women’s health: cervical screening tests (pap smears), breast cancer screenings, and bowel cancer screenings.

At Newbay Medical Clinic, our doctors are ready to help you with all your screenings needs while creating a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment to ensure you feel at ease throughout the entire process. These screening programs have saved countless Australians from cancer, and are essential to your ongoing health. At your next GP visit, please ask your doctor if all these preventative measures have been fulfilled. 

We also offer our female patients comprehensive contraceptive services. We can help discuss and trial different methods of contraception (from the contraceptive pill to more long-acting methods such as the Implanon) to find what is most appropriate for you as an individual.

Connect With Our GPs for Quality Women’s Healthcare

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Individualised Care

Newbay Medical Clinic is aware that no two patients are alike. We understand that every woman is unique, so we tailor all of our women’s healthcare services to your needs. We will provide the best care for you and your body, in a way that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. It’s all about you!

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Ongoing Relationships

When it comes to women’s health screenings and contraceptive care, ongoing relationships with one trusted GP can make a difference. Visits can be made much easier if you have someone to turn to that knows your medical history and can help you understand your needs. Newbay Medical Clinic is ready to be the go-to medical practice you can ring up for any minor question and concern for many years to come.

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Your Comfort Prioritised

Things such as physical screenings, sexual health, and contraceptive advice can feel like uncomfortable, tricky subjects for many women. Patients of all ages can at times feel daunted by appointments like these, and that’s why we prioritise a welcoming, compassionate, and comfortable environment for all our patients.

Answering All Your Women’s Health Questions

Cervical screening tests, known better as pap smears, are an essential part of maintaining female health. Australian health services recommend undergoing a pap smear every five years between the ages of 25 and 74.

Every two years, breast cancer screenings should be performed for women aged 50-74. However, screenings are available from 40 to 49 and 75+; simply discuss your individual needs and circumstances with your doctor first to see if this may be necessary.

Everybody, both men and women, should be having regular bowel cancer screenings every two years. This is recommended to begin from the age of 50.

We can discuss different forms of contraception to see what best suits you, your lifestyle, and your body’s needs. We can talk about everything, from the contraceptive pill to long-acting contraceptives such as the Implanon. We hope to bring on a Mirena insertion service in the near future, likely with a visiting gynaecologist by late 2022.

Yes! Yes. Dr Dorman also holds a Diploma in Obstetrics and provides shared care during pregnancy. For anyone who is looking for low-risk antenatal visits in a non-hospital setting, she can provide a compassionate package that is tailored to each patient.

If you’re in Brighton or the Bayside area, you can get a breast check at Newbay Medical Clinic. We provide comprehensive breast cancer screening and treatment services for women of all ages.
A screening mammogram is recommended for all women aged 50 to 74, provided they have been informed about the risks and benefits of screening. Mammography screening is freely available to women aged 50 to 74, every two years, under the BreastScreen Australia program.
Cervical cancer screenings are recommended for women of all ages. The frequency of screenings may vary based on your age, health history, and other factors. Your doctor can help you determine how often you should be screened.
Pap smear tests are recommended for all women who have ever been sexually active. The frequency of the tests may vary based on your age, health history, and other factors. Your doctor can help you determine how often you should have a Pap smear.
There are a variety of pregnancy scans and tests that are covered by Medicare, but be aware that not all of them are. These tests include ultrasounds, blood tests, and optional genetic testing. Your doctor can help you determine which tests are required and which of these are covered or rebated by Medicare.
There are a variety of tests that you may need during pregnancy. These include ultrasounds, blood tests, and genetic testing. Your doctor can help you determine which tests are required, and plan a timeline for when they should be done.

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Newbay Medical’s team is well-trained and has the ability to provide high-quality medical care. Our staff are professional, friendly and compassionate. They love to provide the best quality medical services.



At Newbay Medical Clinic, we believe that top-quality medical care should be widely accessible. That’s why we take pride in offering the best service available without unreasonable prices. We prioritise great care that doesn’t hurt the wallet.



At Newbay Medical Clinic, everything is done on time. We provide all services quickly from start-to-finish. It makes the process of booking an appointment and attending it as easy as ever.        

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We take pride in offering warm, caring service that makes every patient of ours feel comfortable and supportive throughout their entire health journey. Newbay is available to offer the highest quality GP service to ensure that your health remains in the best possible condition. Contact us today to book an appointment and discuss how we can best help you.